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Dealing With Complaints


Dealing with Complaints

A complaint is “an expression of dissatisfaction whether justified or not” – BS8600

According to the 2005 TMI Complaints Culture Research Project, 84% of people say that they complain sometimes, most of the time or always. However, only 21% of these people felt that their complaint had been dealt with in a way that left them feeling satisfied.

Service excellence is very much about how organisations deal with customer complaints and how people are left feeling after their complaint has been dealt with. If this is done well, you can create loyal customers who feel valued, are more profitable and will act as advocates for your organisation.

Many employees still don’t feel they have the confidence or knowledge to be able to respond effectively to customer complaints.

This one day workshop looks at how you can leave your customers feeling valued and how to deal with complaints effectively, in order to be recognised as a high quality organisation that exceeds customer expectations.

Learning Outcomes include:

  • Recognise how effective communication builds better relationships
  • Improve your ability to influence others through understanding and communication
  • Understand the power of active listening and responding skills
  • Recognise the value of feedback
  • Improve the way we manage difficult situations

For further information, please e-mail: helen@helenhamilton.co.uk