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Front Line Training

Front Line Training

Front Line Training Programmes

These training workshops are designed to help people understand their own and other people’s behaviours. For every behaviour, there is a reason. Being able to understand each other better improves communication and the way we work together.

Communication Skills

  • Recognise how effective communication builds better relationships
  • Improve your ability to influence others through understanding and communication
  • Identify ways to communicate through language and behaviour
  • Understand the power of active listening and responding skills
  • Overcome common barriers to effective communication

Dealing With Complaints

  • Recognise the value of feedback
  • Understand why Customers become difficult/demanding
  • Identify the reasons why a Customer complains and what their options are
  • Improve the way we manage difficult situations

Positive Change

  • Understand the need for change and the emotional stages that follow change
  • Identify ways to improve processes that get in the way of doing your job effectively
  • Recognise the key touch points you have with colleagues and how to work together better to improve overall performance

For further information, please e-mail: helen@helenhamilton.co.uk