Service Talent Assessment and Recruitment System

Most people will have heard the phrase ‘Hire for attitude and train for skill’. It’s a concept which is particularly important when recruiting people for service positions. But another phrase we often hear regarding this is ‘That’s easier said than done!’ So how do you do it?

The Academy of Service Excellence has been working with various service organisations for many years to help them find ways to crack this problem. We’ve discovered that there are plenty of Psychometric Testing Tools available that can be used to identify a candidate’s general Character Traits. But we have found nothing that is focussed specifically on the selection of people for service roles that, with a little training, can be used by anyone in the organisation to pick the right ones. We have therefore created our own specialist system that can be used by anyone in any organisation.

The key elements of this system are as follows.

General objectives

  • To help organisations recruit people with a natural talent for service.
  • To develop a specific questionnaire that with training anyone can use during a face to face interview.
  • To provide advice and assistance regarding how best to advertise for, select and then induct new ‘STAR’ recruits into the organisation
  • To provide advice and assistance regarding how best to screen existing staff and then deal with any misfits.

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