People Development

Helen believes that you can only deliver Service Excellence externally if you are delivering it internally. This means not only having the right people within your business, but also using tools to help coach and develop them. Helen is certified to deliver feedbacks using both Hogan and TEIQue and has extensive experience using these tools to help leaders and managers understand their own strengths and weaknesses and how these might affect the people around them in the workplace.


Hogan has over 30 years of experience helping businesses dramatically reduce turnover and increase productivity by hiring the right people, developing key talent, and evaluating leadership potential.

The Hogan assessments predict job performance by assessing core values, normal personality and derailment characteristics.

Emotional Intelligence

Trait Emotional Intelligence is a self-perceived ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups.

TEIQue is a Trait EI report that encompasses 15 sub-scales organised under four factors:

Well-Being, Self-Control, Emotionality and Sociability.

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